Sunday, August 12, 2007

2nd Practice

This is the second practice. I have dug out the remainder of my gear and have finally gotten everything ship shape for the season. I could use a new pair of gloves, but that will have to wait.

15 guys showed up today and so we could have a bit more of something that looked like a real practice. It was still not at full speed, but the temperature was once again in the hundreds and the humidity was out of sight. I keep praying for those 70 to 80 degree Seattle like days. But that is about as likely to happen as pigs flying.

I started working as the backup center at the start of practice, but by the time we got through the practice, the first string center was looking to me to take over the position for him. It looks like this will be my position for the season so I better get better at it than I am now.

We had a bit of kicking practice today too. I was going to kick this season but after I kicked my third field goal, I felt my knee pop again. Thats it for kicking. No more for me.

At the end of this one, I signed all the official paperwork and other pertinents that had to be done. I received the offensive playbook from Mr. Iida (the Outlaws coach) and instantly started perusing it to see if there was anything different.

I also lost another 2 pounds today and am definitely feeling lighter. But the knees still don't seem to know that I am losing the weight. Hopefully they will get better with time.