Sunday, September 9, 2007

6th Practice

This week we had another team come in and practice with us. The Titans brought about 25-30 personnel and looked ready for a full game. Of course, only about 20 of our guys showed up. I hope this is not going to be a trend with guys not showing up. If would be nice if just once, everyone was there to run through the plays.

Of course, the primary purpose in the Titans coming was for both teams to get some real situational hitting in. This type of practice really works well due to the personnel issues we seem to be having. Play walk-throughs, blocking schemes and assignments, pass protection and routes.

It was quite a good time but I certainly was not up to snuff. The temperature being 95 degrees still did not help things but I also took a square helmet check in the chest which aggravated my sternum. Unfortunately, that is what put me out in 2000 when I played for the Atsugi Dolphins. I really must be careful with that one.

Thus I was not particularly set for doing the things that I wanted to do but I went ahead and sucked it up and played about 70 percent of the plays. I must get in better shape if I expect to make it through the season. This thing of huffing and puffing like a stuck pig is for the birds. This will be a hard training week as we only have two weeks until our first game.

At the end of this one, I weighed 110 kg (242 lbs). I am finally getting back to my optimal playing weight.