Sunday, October 28, 2007

Definition of a bad day -- 21-0 Loss

Seems like no matter how well our line plays, we are getting beat. And since there is no I in team, I am as much to blame as anyone else out there. But then again, I did my job today the best I could.

Pain comes by the dozen and I dished out a ton of pain. Have the bruises to prove it but of course, it I have bruises, it means someone hit me. Funny how I got drove out of the Nose position by four guys on one play for a 2 yard gain for our opponents, only to come back and stuff those same four guys the very next guy. I got up and yelled, 'Just Bring It!'. That is the first time in 10 years, I have done that. Not that I havent played hard before, but this time, it felt good.

As for Yamanashi Daigaku, hats off to them for bringing the best they had. Unfortunately for our team, it was just too much particularly on passes. Oh well, maybe this bye week will give us time to recover and come back and finally win a game.