Sunday, August 19, 2007

3rd Practice

Another practice. Hot. Hot. Hot. Way too hot for anything much less practice. But we have a good group of guys today with almost everyone showing up in spite of the temperature.

Now that we are doing all of the normal warmup drills, I am getting tired even before we start play drills and walk-throughs. But that is a good thing.

I think that my young team mates are worried about me because they keep asking me if I am ok. I know that I have a long blank but I will get back to it. My conditioning has not come along like I thought it would but of course, endurance takes time to build.

I am back at center today doing a ton of snaps again. I am still trying to memorize all the plays and the assignments and yet we are running through everything. Snap count was a problem with me today. I kept jerking the ball. I must get off of the giddiness and start paying attention.

Hopefully the weather will cool off because these hot days are getting old. It has been triple digit weather for two weeks now and no relief or rain in sight. Maybe a rain dance will help matters.

I received the defensive playbook today. While it was familiar to me, I was a bit disappointed and actually wish the team ran a different defense which would use its personnel better.

I am now down to 113kg. I am surprised how fast the weight is coming off. Especially with the weight lifting during the week. But I suppose I just was too dog gone fat when I started.