Sunday, May 18, 2008

4-Team Practice

This weekend was one that was supposed to be quite interesting with the three teams from Saitama-ken and one from Yokohama getting together for a nice little bit of round robin play with full squads. What it turned into was another day of pain for this old football player and others. After a decent three series of playing, I ran through the block on the line, taking two more hits from two other players. The third guy hit me square in the sternum and managed to find the hole where no padding was with his helmet.

Obviously, this caused me to drop like a sack of wheat. One again I have managed to re-injure my ribs and sternum. I did that in 2000 and it took me six months to recover due to the fact that I never realized the 2nd rib was actually spraigned badly and needed to be pushed back into place. My chiropractor at that time solved the issue and within 1 month of him fixing it, I was back doing my usual training.

I am hoping that this time will be different since I know the issue. I will have x-rays taken tomorrow morning of the injury and hopefully will find that it is just a spraigned rib and not an actual cracked rib or sternum. I just know right now that I am in a good deal of pain and that it is no fun. All this just when I was finally getting to a point where I was starting to play decent football again and now I will have to take at least 3-4 weeks off minimum to let myself heal up.