Sunday, September 23, 2007

Game Day ...errr...cancellation!

Well we are now 1-0. Not exactly the way we wanted to win especially since most of us could have used the full contact of a good game. But it was not to be. So we wound up taking it out on each other with a hard full contact practice.

Unfortunately, my ribs seem to be a point of problems for me this season. I really need to get a bit stronger in the chest. But now it is time to get ready for next weekend's game.

All the way to Kofu in Yamanashi to play a team that is from almost right down the road from us. It makes no sense but that is the way the league staff have decided to play the season. Travel for hours, play a game on dirt and then travel for hours home, when there are tons of nice grass fields and stadiums closer to home.

That's it from me this week. I am going to hit the bath and soak my body for a while.