Saturday, September 15, 2007

Practice # 7 -- Week before first game

Today was definitely not a day for practice once again. This crazy weather here in this country is driving me up the wall. It was 100 degrees and we were still out there.

All in all, I felt pretty good today in spite of some morning stomach issues. The conditioning this week seemed to help a good bit, although I was still spent by the end of practice.

40 scripted plays, plus another several dozen snaps and it all made for a long day. I just don't know where my long snap went today but it was disastrous. I really need to focus more on this one.

But we have the game next week and I am just hoping we get through it in one piece. Some minor defensive adjustments today and of course, the proverbial run until you drop thing with kicking. Unfortunately, all the heat did not help me too much as I only lost 0.5 kg overall, leaving me at 109.5 kg.