Sunday, September 2, 2007

5th Practice

Today's practice was a bear. I probably snapped the ball 200 times. It was just snap after snap and as I got tired, I started to slip up a bit. When my QB complained, I decided I better take 2 minutes and get my hands and face toweled off so I wasn't getting sweat all over the ball. Then it was right back to the work. Another 20 minutes of snaps.

Of course, these practices aren't getting easier and I am just starting to feel the ball and the pains of being a football player again.

Once we finished out pass route work, it was time to put on the shoulder pads. While it is not as hot as last week today, it is still 85 degrees. The only saving grace is the cloudiness and the breeze that is blowing across the field on days such as this.

Offense went ok for me but I felt like I was just all thumbs. My team mate was getting as tired stopping me on the blocking schemes as I was of running them. I really must get a bit more of a push when I am making the slant blocks. I seem to be lagging and getting nailed by the guy in front of me. It is probably because I am a step slow.

At the end of this one, I weighed 110.5kg. Getting there but still a long ways to go.