Sunday, August 26, 2007

4th Practice

Hot! That is the word of the day. It is 105 degrees today. I stopped and picked up my team mate who was walking from the station. Come to find out, he was coming all the way out to our practices from Toda-city. That sounds a lot like me when I was a young player in the UFL. Travel an hour, practice or play for 4 and then drag oneself home with another hour plus of travel.

Practice was just unbearable. It was go, go,go. I could feel the water just pouring out of me. It seemed that no matter how quickly I replaced the fluids, I was expelling them. The humidity was 90 percent and we were out there in full gear, hitting and running plays.

There was a lot of talk about this but I was glad we were doing it from the perspective of me dropping a bit more weight. But towards the end, I was feeling a bit bad and had to take myself out. I was getting a bit of what the Japanese call Natsu-Bate which basically means that your body feels lethargic in spite of being hydrated. At one point I probably over did the water input.

After about a 15 minute break, I was able to get back out and keep practicing. But this was one for the records as far as the temperature went.

My knee was bothering me again today. I really should be careful with it but I am hoping that all of the snaps every practice and squats on off days will help strengthen it to a point where I can get through the season.

Down to 112kg after todays practice. Going....going...gone....LOL