Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cancelled Again!!!

Well, today is turning out to be like the rest of the season. Our 2nd game was also canceled due to a forfeit by the other team. So we changed to a practice at our home ground. Then that was canceled due to heavy rain.

I guess that is a good thing for me as it is giving me some recovery time from my injury. I will find out the extent of the injury tomorrow when I have my MRI. I am not too hopeful at this point but I do have 3 more weeks to recover before our next game. I am hoping that will be enough time, but if not, this will be the first season I have played where I will miss a game due to injury in the middle of the season.

In the mean time, I am re-writing my speed training book to make it more extensive and to give a schedule by week for those looking for an extensive workout.