Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, I have gone and done something that I am sure will not help my playing football. I managed to run into a concrete overhang that was just high enough to hit me avove the brim of my hat, forcing my head back and causing a bad case of whiplash. Since I did it in my normal, going somewhere, walking speed, the damage is pretty bad.

Now after a week of twice a day massages and aspirin and Bengay galore, I am still in pain. I am hoping this will clear up here soon but it is times like this when you realize just how fleeting our youth is.

At 43, I realize it even more and in spite of being in good shape and training hard, the simple things always seem to be the ones that give you the gold old 'gotcha' in life. But there is always Coaching if I can get up out of this bed here soon.