Sunday, March 2, 2008

Recovery from Injuries

As I mentioned in my previous post, I injured my neck pretty badly. After 4 solid week of just absolutely putting myself through the recovery grind, I am finally starting to feel like a 1 April return to the practice field is well within grasp.

Of course, this has not come without a lot of training and and hard work. Yesterday was the perfect example of what I have been putting myself through to get back. Working out with my Japanese team, I have been putting in the time of training that they have been doing and then putting my poor linemen through the ringer working on strength items with me and then putting my quarterback through about 40 snaps after already doing 50-60 snaps earlier in practice. I guess he will be fine but by the end of practice, they were all looking a bit tired and I was still rearing to go in spite of the pain.

Today, I am feeling the football pains of a typical monday which is a good thing but I think I will go to the local onsen (hot springs) and see if I can get some R&R time in. I could definately use a good soaking on my sore leg muscles.

In the meantime, I am reading materials like a mad man trying to put together a defense for this up coming season for the team. Hopefully, my writing wont be so bad that the coach wont be able to read it but something has to be done. The team cant keep getting beat on simple misses.